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In petroleum geology, source rock is rock which has generated hydrocarbons or which could generate hydrocarbons. Source rocks are one of the necessary. The study of the different maturation parameters obtained from rock-eval pyrolysis, such as Tmax and vitrinite reflectance, reflects that the. 1. n. [Geology, Geochemistry, Shale Gas]. A rock rich in organic matter which, if heated sufficiently, will generate oil or gas. Typical source rocks. Middle-Upper Jurassic source rocks are mainly found in the Middle East (Hanifa-Naokelkan-Sargelu-Dukhan formations), the Caspian region (various formation names). The source rock potential of the Cauvery basin has been evaluated from several drilled rock samples related to different sedimentary sequences by various. Thus, all source rocks have the potential for gas generation. Many of the source rocks for significant gas deposits appear to be associated with the. Abstract: The alkaline lake source rocks of the Fengcheng Formation are developed in the Mahu Sag of the Junggar Basin. Different from. experts and active workers from all the various disciplines that study marine petroleum source rocks and organic-rich marine sediments. Various – Source Rocks. Label: Source – 0, Source – Format: CD, Compilation. They generally have low organic matter contents, although these can vary significantly in different cases (e.g., the total organic carbon.

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